No Shame

 My kids are notorious for saying really rude things out loud in front of a crowd. Dan and I just avoid looking at eachother because we know if we make eye contact we will start laughing and that will be the end.
There have been times where we have waited until we were in the car to bust up and my kids are asking us, why aren't you driving? How come you guys are laughing so hard? We of coarse can't answer them because we are not breathing.

Just to give you some prime examples:
One time Dexter stood up on the seat in a very crowded Arbys got a very amused look on his face and said loudly, "fat people eat here too?" and then proceeded to point at someone. I didn't even look up I thought, there are no words right now.

Dan and I decided to take all our kids to get some ice cream and we were sitting there and a small person/midget, (seriously I don't know what is politically correct), walked by and Zeke said, " Oh my gosh! I am bigger than him and he is a man!" then he laughed and pointed. I again had no words.

I took my kids to play at a McDonald's play toy. The toy has a long tube slide coming off it. It does look a little small, an adult would barely make it through one. My table is right by that slide and Dexter and I are the only ones that are sitting and eating. We are just watching all the kids go down that slide. A little chubby girl, okay I am just going to be blunt, a very overweight little girl went down the slide. I was praying, please Dexter don't say anything, please just let him not see her. Whelp that didn't happen. As soon as she got to her feet he laughed and said, "look that fat girl made it through the slide." Then he goes back to eating like he didn't just emotionally scar this 6 year old. I just shook my head and thought, any minute I am going to get beat up by this girls mom.

I don't know where my kids exactly get this sense of humor. Dan and I do not make fun of people... in front of them. I am not going to pretend that I haven't seen something weird and made a comment to my husband at a later more private time. I mean Dexter loves to announce in church that he has to go poop and he needs to go now before it comes out of his butt. I don't ever announce my bathroom visits to my children. I don't feel like this is a learned habit, I am just going to go ahead and say they are just kids. That are mean sometimes.


Matthew said...

dan told me he teaches your kids that stuff when you're not around.

Lau said...

I use to say mean things to people too. I knew I said something wrong when I felt my mom pinching my arm. I hope Julia is not like me please, haha. Anyways I love your kids and they are still innocent and pure to Heavenly father :)