Mascots Gone Wild!

How would you feel if you turned on your TV and saw Ronald McDonald air humping a customer? Would you think, wow I am really craving one of their Big Macs. Or, kids come in here and see what Mr. McDonald is doing, it's classic!  Unless you are a drunken parent and found the humor, you would more than likely be upset.

I recently had the opportunity to do a commerical with Charlie Chuckar, the mascot from the Idaho Falls baseball team. The agent that told me about this job told me that I would be in an evening gown pretending to have dinner with Charlie. I agreed. The day of the shoot she called me again and said, we want you to be in the jacuzzi scene. I hesitated and then thought, it's gotta be harmless, I mean he is a mascot and he signs shirts and hats for kids through the whole game. So I said okay.

The director was over the top to say the least. I wanted to ask him what other work he had done before this commercial and there would be no shock if he were to say, oh well I dabbled in the porn industry for awhile.

I shot three scenes with Charlie that day and two out of the three scenes could maybe be okay for young adults to see. The last scene I did was meant for a 45 year old truck driver whose favorite channel is Spice. I had to snuggle up to Charlie in the hot tub and then he was told to suggestively tell the camera to go away and to give us some privacy. Keep in mind this is a full grown man in a bird costume who is chanting the whole time, this is for the kids, this is for the kids. Am I in a freaking nightmare right now? Yes, I am.

You would think this couldn't get any worse, but oh yes it does. I am not doing this alone. I am in the jacuzzi with my sister in law who is now told to sit on his lap! I thought she was going to drown herself right there and then.  I felt horrible for the guy in the costume. When I asked him, how he was doing? He just said, I am glad I have a mask on because I am completely red right now. Of coarse you are, in a matter of five seconds you went from Charlie Chuckar to Woody the woodpecker. The director looked at my sister in law and said, you look uncomfortable. Is that weird? I mean she is sitting on a man who is dressed like a bird in the jacuzzi while people are filming it and all you can hear is, I'm doing this for the kids, I'm doing this for the kids. This was like a horror film.

Luckily my acting days were over with Charlie after that scene. I later heard the last scene that was shot the director actually made Charlie, the bird who is, just doing this for the kids, flip the camera off. Maybe instead of giving his autograph he can start drawing obscene pictures and we can really stir this shiz up!

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Matthew said...

hahahahahahahahaha. nice. sounds like you had a good time.