Down dog, now try and get back up.

So as you know I have been a little on edge and stressed. Talking to myself, breaking down in random places. So I have been looking for some sort of outlet. While I was driving my kids to school I heard on the radio that yoga can help with depression. After I talked myself into maybe considering that I have a little itty bitty teeny tiny bit of depression. I thought, okay I will try yoga.

I find out that yoga starts at 6 in the morning! What the...!

Now I can be depressed and tired! Yay! That is a great combo, I can tell the doctor, I didn't quiet complete the suicide because I was too tired to actually put some back into it. (This is a joke) 

Wednesday morning I get to yoga a little late so I am embarrassed walking in. I walk in and I notice that everyone has a cute little mat that they are doing their yoga on.  So I go into the little room with the mats and I find A mat but I guess it wasn't THE mat I needed. The instructor gives me one of those laugh sighs and says, honey, not this mat. Okay lady, I am in here to relieve stress and your ass isn't helpin!

So I am taking deep breaths and really trying to get into this whole relaxation thing with my leg over my head my hands up in the air and my face looking up at the ceiling or I'm sorry, gazing at the ceiling. I am just going to be completely honest and tell you that people who say this exercise is relaxing is LYING. I was in crazy positions and then told to hold that crazy position for 5 breaths.Now we're going to take all our limbs off the ground and levitate for 10 breaths.

I went through the poses I did probably 30 down dogs and by the end of the class I was lightheaded and on the verge of throwing up. The good news was that I was no longer thinking about how stressed I was. I was now thinking I have the body of an 80 year old man.

Maybe next time I can go from having an 80 year old body to a 60 year old body. Next week my goal is to actually reach my shins. Yea, I'm that bad.


Matthew said...

yoga sucks

Matthew said...
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