No Picnic

 My morning was. . .not good. I was going to cuss but decided not to. I am just going to go ahead and say that being a stay at home mom is the hardest freaking job ever! You NEVER GET A DAY OFF! So this is my story,  I get my kids dressed ready for school, I feed them breakfast, help get shoes on and then tell them to get into the truck so we can go. (The first time is always calmly said.)  I have to drive and pick them up everyday. YUP, it sucks. I can hear my kids playing in our very dirty garage, so I yell out, GET IN THE TRUCK!( This warning has a little more of a scary tone in it.) Their reply was, WE CAN'T THE DOOR IS LOCKED. Oh No!( Satan now comes out) My purse and keys and spare key (long story) are in the truck. We were going to be on time but now we are not. I shockingly couldn't get a hold of Dan. I luckily live next door to family so I borrowed their vehicle and took my kids to school. Since they were late I had to sign them in and since it was early in the morning and I stayed up late watching The Bachelor, I was still in pajamas. I looked like the crypt keeper. Good morning everyone.

We get home walk in the door and Dexter throws up all over the floor. It is a mix of milk, cereal and slime? I was so grossed out. After cleaning up the mysterious vomit I tried to calm myself down with a little exercise on the treadmill, get some of this frustration out! I'm hitting my third mile I am really having to talk myself into staying on the treadmill, I am dodging toys that Kingston is throwing under my feet and then all of sudden the power goes out. My treadmill comes to a complete stop and I run myself into the treadmill. What else could go wrong?

 The highlight of my day was when  I was doing homework with my son and he stopped to tell me that his wiener was stuck to his balls. Thanks for that.


ashlynn said...

Aghh sounds fun.

I had to comment because I read the last part out loud to Coby since it was so sweet. He was waiting for me to tell him your boy said I love you or something so when I told him what he really said he cracked up. Awesome!

Matthew said...

if i said that being a stay at home mom is not the hardest job ever, would i be blacklisted?

Aricka said...

I know Ashlyn that comment caught me off gaurd. I really do not want to hear about his wiener or balls. I like to act like he doesn't have any.

Matt no you would not be blacklisted but, being a mom is very draining. I no its not the "hardest "job but there are days when I want to runaway. I could never ever be an ICU doctor. That would be hard.

Matthew said...

ok, well, i was just trying to be difficult, but you responded like a mature adult so it kind of took the fun out of it. Thanks.

R and D Ginkel said...

I laughed out loud reading this. Thanks for my laughs today. :)