For My Brother

Hello everyone, it’s good to see all my family here.

This is a hard time for all of us. Josh has touched all our lives in some way or another and it is sad that we are no longer going to enjoy his comical personality.
Anyone who knew Josh knows how funny he could be, even if it was at your expense.
Josh’s insults were funny, leaving people wondering if they should be laughing or crying. As a kid I found this kind of confusing because I didn’t know whether I should punch him or laugh at him.
I will never forget the time I was standing outside with Josh and my dad. Josh was getting ready to flick his lit cigarette on the ground and he looked at me and my dad with a serious face and said, “Look, a Mexican firework.”  Josh then proceeded to flick his cigarette in the air and then he clapped. We all just laughed and knew that Josh showed a lot of his love through jokes and making fun of you.
I must have been really loved.
I had the privilege of growing up with a lot of nicknames from Josh. One nickname that showed that he loved me a lot was Little Ethiopian Man. Apparently I was really skinny and I had a mustache. That nickname did wonders for my preteen self esteem and that nickname stuck for quite awhile.

I will never forget the day we were leaving to Disneyland with my parents. Not because I was going to meet Mickey and Minnie or have a ton of fun on the rides. Those were only perks to what was about to happen right before the trip to Josh. Josh and I were standing outside waiting for my mom and dad to come out. Josh was throwing this plastic brush in the air and catching it. He did it over and over again. Being an impatient little girl, I was annoyed with waiting for my parents to come outside; therefore I wanted to take my frustration out on Josh with that brush. I ended up not having to even move a muscle. Josh threw the brush in the air again for the 20th time and that brush came down and hit Josh right in the mouth. It made a loud crack sound and when he looked at me in shock half his tooth was missing. I laughed until I cried. Not having time to find a dentist to get it fixed, Josh went through the whole trip with a chipped tooth.
Josh has gotten me into some pretty hairy situations but was always there to help me get out of them. One situation that actually hurt quiet bad was when he egged on our next door neighbor to, “Let me have it” Josh and I were having a tripping war with the neighbor kid. I won that war with the neighbor and Josh was giving this kid a hard time about it. I started to walk away and when I turned around to tell Josh to shut up the neighbor boy punched me right in the face. My face immediately swelled up. I looked up at my brother thinking, “I am going to tell dad, right now!” But before I could do that Josh turned around to the neighbor boy and punched him right in the face. He broke that kids nose and redeemed himself with me.

Josh did something for me that I don’t think he knew he did. I can thank Josh for all the times I had potential dates. Because of my ability to skateboard, play drums and listen to punk music it opened the doors to a lot of conversations with the opposite sex. Thank you Josh, you helped me get my husband.

Josh’s life was taken suddenly and violently. We could almost say that it wasn’t fair that he was taken in such a violent way and why did this happen? As I searched for my answers with books, scriptures and prayer I found an answer, or more a question that stuck out to me. To put it into the words of Job, “Shall any teach God knowledge?” He knows what he’s doing. He has this great and wonderful perfect plan for all of us. We all should remember that God grants life and everything that sustains life. Each marvelous moment is both a mystery and miracle. While we mourn, we should not take life’s wonder for granted.
Josh will forever be missed but I know in the right time, I will meet Josh again. We will all meet Josh again and he’ll make us all laugh, again.


mckenzie bowen said...

I loved reading this entry. You are such a strong, beautiful women. I am so grateful to have you in my life.

Jeanie Badilla said...

Aricka I know you loved your brother very much. It is ashame he had to go so soon but now he is with God and will never be hurt again. Like you said one day you will all be together again. If you need anything just call. Please tell your Mom she can call too if she would like,and I am thinking about her too.
Love you both.
Aunt Jeanie

carli acton said...

my love,
I cant speak but i am smiling because i to feel everything you have said is true he told on us for everything lol miss ya here if you want to talk