Frequent Mistakes

Your- a form of the possessive case of you used as an attributive adjective. example: I like your hair.
You're- contraction of you are. example: You're pissing me off every time you use you're and your incorrectly.

Their- a form of the possessive case of they used as an attributive adjective, before a noun. example: Their dog was in our yard.

They're- contraction of they are. example: They're the coolest band ever!

To- Now to is used for a number of things.  example: They came to the house. He grew to 6 feet. We are going to the movies.

Too- in addition; furthermore;also. example: I love you too. Me too! This is too much to handle.

Houra period of time equal to one twenty-fourth of a mean solar or civil day and equivalent to 60 minutes. example: This post is taking me close to an hour to finish.   

Our-a form of the possessive case of we  used as an attributive adjective. example: Our dog has some pretty smelly farts.

Are - there is really no definition for are so I will just give you an example: Are you going to the Star Wars convention tonight?

But- on the contrary; yet  example: I was going to go to sleep, but I thought you might appreciate this post. 
Butt -the end or extremity of anything, esp. the thicker, larger, or blunt end considered as a bottom, base, support, or handle, as of a log, fishing rod, or pistol. example: Why would you want a huge butt like J Lo's?


Matthew said...

i'm flattered that you're adopting my blog as your own, but i'd appreciate you not taking all m topics. thanks.

Aricka said...

I do like your blog and I read your blog so I am a little confused to when you did a "Frequent Mistakes" post. Don't flatter yourself too hard.

Matthew said...

oh, you didn't take an old post. That was definitely in the realm of future posts. it's cool though, i have plenty. But seriously, think about changing your title to Aricka's blog of negativity.

Aricka said...

After the way my life has been going I think I am going to change my blog to Aricka's Shitty Life.