Who is Your God?

What is your religion? I hear that question a lot. I even had a comment made to me that  I must be Mormon cause I have four children and I look young. I said, "no, I'm Catholic." The guy who said it started laughing for some reason. He didn't believe me. I wonder why?

Sometimes I feel that  LDS people are uptight that even if an "investigator" (all you Mormons know what that means) wanted to ask questions about our religion, they would be too scared to approach any of us for fear of getting kicked by our horse. I would like to say that most LDS people I know aren't like this, but sadly the majority I know, are. They are very black and white. I am a pretty open person, I feel. I talk to a lot of different people who are not LDS. I had an opportunity to talk to a 23 year old woman who was agnostic. At first she was scared to tell me her religion or lack thereof. She thought I would judge her or get it confused with atheist. Previous conversations revealed to her that I was LDS. She gave me a look and  long sigh of, "Oooo" She wasn't rude or distant after finding that out, but it made me curious to what religion she was. So I asked. She said I am agnostic. I said, what do you believe exactly. I just met her like 2 hours before this conversation so I wasn't sure how she would take some Mormon goody goody(yea right) asking her about her non-religion beliefs. Luckily for me, cause I like to learn, she was totally open.

To make it short and simple, not really, she beliefs in nothing. She needs proof for believing in whatever it is to believe in. I said I didn't believe that. Still with me? She said one thing to me that made me feel sorry for her. Which I hate saying cause she was fine with the way she was living and I am sure she doesn't want or need anyone feeling sorry for her, but, she said, she doesn't believe that a true father would banish any of his children if he really loved them. Let me re-write that. She doesn't believe that a Father would banish any of His children if He really loved them. I had no response for her at that time. I wasn't trying to be a missionary. I was trying to learn something new. All I knew and felt in my heart was that she. was. wrong.

The fact that she doesn't feel the love from any higher power like a Heavenly Father, God, Jehovah, Allah, Shiva, or Vishnu or whatever it is that people believe in and give their lives for, is sad and empty. What is my purpose here? Why am I here? Where will I go after this life? (I swear I am not reading pass a long card)  She has taught her children that there is a mother of the earth and father time. No mention of anyone Greater loving them no matter what they did wrong.  Right now I have so many smart butt comments that I could make to that, but I have chosen not to cause I am trying to be open and not pig headed. All and all she was really interesting to talk to and she had a pretty good head on her shoulders. I hope one day she gets more light in her life.

I didn't completely keep my mouth shut the whole time, anyone that knows me, knows that it is  impossible for me. I told her, without her asking, what I believed, without scaring her off, I wanted her to listen. I will tell you now even though you aren't asking either. I believe that people should be good to each other. I believe God knows all our hearts and he loves us unconditionally. I feel like I bore my testimony just enough for her to keep listening to me. Few words, great impact.