Too Much Info on the Facebook

Sometimes your comments on Facebook can be too much information. I don't think anyone cares if you did laundry,or went to the store, unless you found a great deal and you want to share the wealth. The mother of all nonsense is the "not in a relationship anymore" or some crap like that. Do you really want all these people that you probably don't talk to a ton know that you are no longer with the person that you have pictures plastered all over your Facebook of. People who are getting a divorce keep it to your self and your family. There is always going to be that one person in your family who deserved to hear it from your spoken word that doesn't and gets very upset...like your child. It is depressing, not that you are getting  a divorce, but that you decided to share it on Facebook with everyone. We all know that when one of your friends makes a comment on that status, then all their friends see it too...and so on...and so on.

For all the woman that need the recognition. I am so happy that you got all your house cleaning done today and your laundry and I am so glad that you baked cookies for the homeless. Way to make other woman feel like they are worthless and not good enough.

This is just common sense, don't complain about your boss or job on Facebook, someone who knows your boss will see it and will tell them.

I am guilty of this next one, I talk about my kids. I put funny little things that they say on my status. I can't help it sometimes I think my family will get a kick out of what they say. Careful for the, this day my life changed so much, my little boy/girl was born and I was filled with even more life. A simple Happy Birthday would suffice, and even then, Why? If they have a Facebook and they might see it then I can see doing that. If they are 2 years old, I don't see it. Unless you are trying to get your family to remember, then  props to you on the sneakiness.

Please don't put poems on your status I have a really bad habit of having to read them and I don't enjoy it. Most of the time they aren't very good. If you want to share stuff like that then get yourself one of those websites that you can write on and tell how you feel, I think they are called a blog. Leave the sappy stuff in your head!


Matthew said...

Hate by matthew irving

I hate so many things in life.
This causes me such grief and strife.
My list is long and overrun.
By evening I shall not be done,
Or ‘finished’ is what I should say.
And now I shall be on my way.

I hate the things that make me sick
And also insects like the tick.
Philosophy will make me snap.
‘I think therefore I am,” bull crap.
Wet carpet can be quite irksome
And hobos, the spider, not the bum.

I hate the sandal known as Crocs.
I would rather wear wooden blocks.
A messy room makes me irate
And people who are always late.
Butternut squash, tomatoes and corn,
Impatient jerks who honk the horn.

I hate more things than what I’ve said,
But this last one moves in my head.
I think about it day and night,
And in my dreams I gnash and bite.
In class I cannot pay attention.
Do you want to know this thing I mention?

The rolling backpack tops the list.
Lazy, slothful, get the gist?
You don’t, you say, why I have more.
Lethargic, sluggish to the core.
If Satan had to use a pack,
He’d pick the one not for your back.

Just speaking of this awful invention
Causes me such great contention.
The urge is here to punch and swing
At rolling backpacks or anything.
I’m flustered now I hope you know.
Thats it, I’m done, I have to go.

Aricka said...

Did you make that up? That was pretty dang good. Thanks for that.