Bullies vs.Moms

So is it bad that I wanted to beat up a nine year old the other day? Yes, I am 28 years old and have four kids.

The other day at one of our t-ball games I was watching Zara and Dexter play t-ball and Zeke was climbing a tree near by. Well I am trying to keep an eye on the game and on Kingston who is running around, all at the same time. I finally look over at Zeke to make sure he is still on that tree and when I look, I see this punk kid push Zeke and then put him in a head lock and throw him on the ground. I felt my heart speed up in about 3 seconds. I was thinking in my head, "kid you better run cause you messed with the wrong kid." I was beyond livid. I couldn't control my anger.

I am trying to get over to Zeke as fast as I can with Kingston running behind me, I have a soft cooler on my shoulder full of ice and water and it is slowing me down. (probably a good thing) I get there and I say, "DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH HIM AGAIN!" Zeke goes, "Mom he hit me." I said, "NOT YOU! YOU!! I BETTER NEVER SEE YOU TOUCH MY SON AGAIN!" I am pointing at him and yelling and I am thinking if your mom is around there will probably be a fight. The kid just took off and ran. Zeke said that the reason they were beating him up was because they wanted to climb that tree. Zeke is also begging to be enrolled into karate.

You would think my run-ins would be over with little kids, but they're not, Oh... I had one at McDonald's. This little boy, again,  who is older than Zeke kept slapping Zeke in the face every time Zeke went by. Well Zeke gets off the play thingy and comes over with a red hand mark on his face. He said, "that kid right there keeps slapping me every time I go by him for no reason." I again got mad, went to get up and then noticed a fairly large woman with tats all over her arms come over and tell this little boy that it was time to go home. Ah ha, of coarse that is his mother. The friend I was with advised me not to say anything unless I wanted to get my butt kicked. I was thinking she probably could take me out but I would get a few good hits in. haha j/k. Instead of bringing out the "finger" to point and yell I just gave him the dirtiest look I could give while he got his Sponge Bob shoes on.

WOW, I think I need some anger management classes.

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Matthew said...

yes!!!! It's good to know that i'm not the only one that wants to beat up children.

ps, you do have anger issues.