Unconditional Love

As mothers we are programmed to love our children unconditionally... well some of us. I am not saying that I respect or condone this, but when I hear of a mother/wife run out on her family, I can very, very slightly see why. To me that is cowardly. But, we cannot judge that person. We have no clue what was going on in her life and really it is none of our business, plus her child could have been the spawn of Satan. Still not condoning it.

There are days however where I can't believe that I have to deal with these neurotic midgets. Do they not understand that if they are screaming and hitting and yelling at me, that they are probably not going to get pizza or anything else that they want. I have been told by one of my sons, " I will stop bugging you when you give me what I want!" OH NO  YOU DI'NT! Sometimes I am so embarrassed, by the way they treat me or their siblings in front of other people. I just sit there silently like a deer in the wilderness trying not to get shot.

Like today for example, I work trade at an athletics club. So I don't get paid but I do get a free membership and all the employee discounts. Well anywho, my kids were horrible! It was like little demons got into their midget bodies and took over. I was in shock and severely embarrassed.

So this is what happened. My kids are driving me crazy (all 4) I am trying to keep my cool. Other peoples kids are driving me crazy. Oh did I forget to mention, I work in the nursery. So I am about to blow and instead I try to talk it out and I look at my son and say, " You are acting like you are adopted!"  as soon as I said it I realized that I just said that right in front of my boss. I heard some giggles and I look up to see if she had stones to throw at me and instead she was looking at her phone busting up laughing. I was glad that she didn't yell or fire me and also that there were no adopted kids in there at that time.

Maybe next week I can make some kind of racial slur or call some kid fat.

Just to clarify about the adoption comment, I wasn't meaning that adopted kids are bad I was meaning, who raised you, cause I didn't raise you like this.


Dana, Proud mommy to 4 said...

lol I didn't even hear you say that. no need to be embarrassed we are all moms and know kids have THOSE days.

Aricka said...

It was in front of Camille. I don't know how to spell her name.