Remember to be Courteous to Others

Call me crazy, and I know not very many people do this. If you are standing at a crosswalk looking like you want to cross the street, I am going to stop. It is the law and it is courteous. What is not courteous, is when you really don't want to cross and you are just standing there smoking a cigarette giving the impression that you do want to cross.

So when  you see me stop in the middle of the road and stare at you like an idiot, it's because I think I am doing you a favor by obeying the law, when a crosswalk is occupied you need to stop. Here is another crosswalk pet peeve. You are standing there wanting to cross, but you are also waiting on your slow friend, so you can cross together. Guess who else is waiting? There has even been times where I have been waved on. Like, No, no we aren't ready yet. Go ahead and go we will cross at our convenience. Don't stand right by the road in the crosswalk holding an orange flag if you aren't ready yet.

I saw a 20/20 where the cop pulled over every person that didn't stop at the crosswalk. I am now paranoid. If you even look like you are going to use it I will stop. Please be quick about it. It's not like, I don't want to run you over, it's more I don't want to get a ticket.

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