The Family Channel should be renamed How to Damage your Teen Daughter

Words cannot describe how I feel about The Family Channel. What message are we trying to send out to young adults? To be immoral to sleep around to get what you want,  lie and cheat, be mean to girls that aren't as pretty as you or that are different, it's okay to sleep with your teacher, if you didn't know he was your teacher at first. I am absolutely disgusted. I do not have cable/satellite, I watch all my shows that I care to watch on hulu. To me it is a waste of money and your kids might accidentally watch porn on Sesame Street. (very exaggerated)  or Heaven forbid they stumble upon The Family Channel.

I am not even upset about the actual shows, it's the channel that they are aired on. Why is it called The Family Channel? I can only imagine the people approving the shows like Secret Life of an American Teenager and a new one that just came out Pretty Little Liars. These shows are worse then Desperate Housewives and they make Friends look like a Saturday morning cartoon.

I am sooo not innocent when it comes to the type of movies that I watch. They aren't all G but I am not popping popcorn and downing beer while watching them with my kids who are still having a hard time knowing what is and what isn't reality. When I was younger The  Family Channel played shows like, 7th Heaven and Full House. What happened to some wholesome corny jokes by Joey? I am very disappointed and I am surprised more people haven't commented on the content on this channel. I am slapping a huge stamp of disapproval on this channel, unless they would like to change the name to SPIKE for Woman.

If your young daughter ever does happen to like these types of shows it might be a great teaching opportunity for you. You can sit with her while watching the show and explain how this isn't real life. When you are pregnant in high school the father doesn't always come over every night to help you put the baby in bed. Sometimes he completely ignores you and finds a new girlfriend without a baby in the belly. YOU GAIN WEIGHT WHEN YOU'RE PREGNANT!

If I ever went up to my mom when I was in high school and said, "I totally showed that girl, I slept with her boyfriend. Now she will never mess with me." My mom would slap me silly and say, "What kind of person are you and who are you going to become as an adult? I am worried for you"  NOT, "Oh, honey that wasn't nice I don't think you should have done that." WHHHAAAPPPP! Someone smack that mother.

I wouldn't be playing with fire moms I would be thinking of a different way to teach your daughter about life cause lets face it, the girls on t.v. are much cuter and way more popular then we are. I am praying that I can teach my daughter to have a good head on her shoulders and  extreme respect for herself.

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Carli said...

I feel the same way about cartoons these days. When i was young my parents would not allow the simpsons in our house and trust me my parents were not perfect,have you seen sponge bob or chowder (ithink that is what is called) oh lord not in my house we watched smurfs and stuff only on sat. not 24 hours a day