Dear Tooth Fairy...

Zara lost her first tooth yesterday. After a couple weeks of wiggling and complaining, the sucker finally came out on it's own, without the use of a door and string or pliers.

After the excitement of losing her tooth was over, the first words that came out of her mouth were the worries of every 5 year old, "How much do you think I can get for this tooth?" Then I said, "Well the going rate is $1, so go and put it under your pillow so you don't lose it. Cause if you lose the tooth then the tooth fairy will not bring you any money." She obviously didn't listen to me and lost the tooth at...school. That night, no money. I felt like she needed to learn a lesson from her actions. Her first lost tooth which is a symbol of her becoming a big girl, and she doesn't get to enjoy the experience cause her mom is a mean woman. She should start calling me mommy dearest (great movie).

So this morning Zara wrote the tooth fairy a note. I was very impressed with her writing skills. She didn't get that from me but I do have a mother who could have been a college professor if she had the chance, so I am thinking it is from her. The note was lengthy and full of misspelled words but endearing. I thought, I am mean. Zara was asking for another chance and she explained that she lost her tooth at school and that she is sorry she didn't listen to her mom. For a second I thought, is she trying to play me? That quality she would have gotten from me.

So tonight I have decided to take her note and leave a little note of my own.

Dear Zara,
Thank you for the note. I understand that you lost your tooth at school. That is what happens when you don't listen to your mom. You should listen all the time because she knows what is best for you. When you start dating your mom will know who you should date and who you shouldn't date. She will know what clothes to wear and what clothes to stay away from completely. If you promise to listen to your mom all the time, then I will leave a dollar under your pillow if not then I will send The Rock to come and collect it back. 
Sweet Dreams,

The Tooth Fairy

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Lau said...

Aricka, you are an awesome Mom!!