Laziness, My Number One Pet Peeve

How do I put this nicely? I don't know much about this type of bike, I am sure there are a few reasons why people feel the need to ride these in public. Recumbent bicycles. Are stupid looking. I was driving home from the gym after a very hard workout that did include a normal stationary upright bike. I am at a red light waiting for the go,  I look over to my left and see a woman on a bike. My eyes shift down a bit and I see a man on a Recumbent bike. The woman's husband/boyfriend/male friend was sitting there like an idiot waiting to cross the street. I am pretty sure the look on my face was disgust and I shook my head, noooo. If I were her I would be a couple miles ahead so I didn't have to be next to this guy on a trike.

I don't know why, but when I see people riding these I want to scream out the window, "YOU'RE CHEATING!! THAT DOESN'T LOOK HARD, GET A REAL BIKE!!!" If you can sit down and read a magazine while exercising you're cheating yourself. If your butt doesn't hurt after a long ride then it doesn't count. In my great always right opinion you should be thinking about the area you are working and mentally trying to focus on it. Not relaxing.

Pros and Cons of a Recumbent Bike:

  • Seat is more comfortable
  • People that have back, wrist, or neck injuries can continue to enjoy riding a bicycle
  • These stupid bikes hold the human power speed records. But, the USCF will not recognize these records over a upright bike. They don't count.
  • This one made me laugh out loud. If you crash you don't fall very far. It is almost impossible to go over the handle bars.
  • You need "Recumbent legs" to make it up a hill. Which usually will take you three months to get.
  • They are stupid looking
  • You look lazy
  • You look like you can't ride a normal bike
  • When you are that low to the ground, people can't see you.
  • You can't really turn around to see behind you cause you are leaned back in your recliner.
  • You look lazy. Yes, I repeated myself cause for me this is the number one reason why I can't stand these types of bikes.
  • They are stupid looking
  • Umm, did I mention that you look lazy?
Real quick, another piece of transportation that I have a  hard time with are, Segways. Cops are now using these to chase down the bad guys. Just a quick thought, uhh, what if the criminal does something outrageous like go down a flight of stairs? What is the cop going to do then, leave his Segway on the ground while he runs after the bad guy on foot. Do people know how to run anymore? Right. This world is full of laziness.

It's only all too important that I leave you with more resources on idiotic transportation. So here is a link that will further enlighten your knowledge on the subject. Matt's Blog/Fixies


Matthew said...

i completely forgot about recumbent bikes. dang. i might have to redo my list. thanks for the shout out.

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