Urban Chic

From rural to urban areas, ever-growing populations of people are losing their sense of community. National chains continue to divide and conquer the small business. How is our economic well-being impacted? Our shopping habits are much like a non-existent five minute abs workout; we want it in as little time as possible and we want what we think is the best value for our money. But the reality is our outlooks are only as correct as the scope of information creating them, and face it, humans like short-cuts.
Small retailers sift and go through catalog after catalog looking for items that will be appealing to their customers. They put effort into what they are ordering because they know unlike the national chains; if the product doesn’t sell it will just sit on the shelf. While a huge corporate retail store might carry a plentiful of items an independent retailer carry a smaller selection which creates great diversity. I have found when I am looking for quality items; they are usually NOT mass produced. They are ran by the mom’s and pop’s who take their time and care.
Yes, I am guilty of shopping at these chain stores. One of my favorite stores is The Buckle. I will probably have some affiliates drop me because of this post. I mean no disrespect to the big guys, but I suggest to people looking for cool new trendy styles to stop looking in the bulk section, and start looking for the independent businesses that make our towns run. We aren’t cows in stalls! We aren’t Stepford Wives! We don’t all need to look the same.
 Here is one little solution to this huge problem. There is a store tucked away in Idaho Falls that has cute clothes, accessories and a great boutique vibe, Urban Chic.  In my opinion this store is one step ahead in style. You will walk out of there knowing that not everyone and their mother will have the shirt you just bought. I bought a crocheted headband there for the winter and I got asked a million times, where I got it. Well the cat is out of the bag! I got it at Urban Chic in the mall next to Dillard’s. After being asked so many times I made sure I went back in there and cleaned out there headbands. With that being said, don’t be afraid to tell your friends about this store, the likelihood of you getting the same thing is very low. And guess what?! They have new spring headbands that are just as cute, and guess what else? I am going to go and clean those out as well. So you better hurry and beat me.
Urban Chic’s owner is a nice young girl that has style and takes her time picking out clothing that she feels will make people come back and feel special. If you haven’t had the chance to get into Urban Chic I recommend taking a friend and go check out these latest styles. They don’t carry in bulk so whatever you want won’t last long. (Especially those headbands)  Not only are you going to look uniquely stylish you are also helping an independent business owner. Thanks Maren for taking the pictures, me singing for your pretzel was my payback:)


Matthew said...

Well, Aricka, you've done it this time. I always knew you were a socialist and talking about how big business is ruining fashion is the nail in the coffin. I bet you'll be talking about how legal immigrants shouldn't have to carry their papers with them at all times. You make me sick.

Aricka said...

Haha, Matt you have no clue. I have a lot of jacked up beliefs that I won't even get into. Well maybe I will give you one. Or two. I believe the president of the United States should fight in war with, "his men". I also think a captain should sink with his ship if the whole crew isn't able to be saved. I am sure there is a great reason why the president doesn't fight in war, but, I don't care I feel his reasons behind war will come a little more clear to him if he is out there dodging bullets and explosives. As for the captain, I think if he didn't go down with his ship and crew he would feel like a coward for the rest of his life. I respect Captain Smith's decision. So I hope this made you even more sick. Oh, and people who are abusive to animals deserve to be ran over.