Alice and Pukeland

Somewhat of a bad night last night. Hold on real quick, I need to change my violin strings. First, we went to Alice and Wonderland and it was just, okay, I was expecting a lot more mystical creatures. I wanted Tim Burton to just wipe his far-out brain clean of any abnormal characters he had and slap it into that movie. I wanted to be squirming in my seat and ready to throw up when the movie was over. As Dan and I were sitting there waiting for the movie to start, (I made Dan get there 55 minutes early), I was noticing the people, kids and of coarse babies, Of coarse you should bring your one year old to a 3D Alice in Wonderland movie. It only cried for about 10 minutes during the movie. Well I started to see that this movie must not be as twisted as I wanted it to be. Too many young kids. It was all FHE up in that joint! I would have felt better with the company of some members of Hells Angels or some ex-cons, tattoos and piercings would have been nice. People that have come to see some CRAZZY Alice and Wonderland. So now there are two things going through my head. One, I am going to see some crying coming out of these kids, or two, Dan is going to see some crying coming out of me. I have been waiting for this movie to come out from the first time I saw the cardboard cutout in the movie theater lounge. Luckily for Dan I didn't cry and the only kids that were crying were the ones that got in for free. There were a few things that kept my tears from coming; 1.) Johnny Depp was in the movie and played a wonderful Mad Hatter 2.) The Mad Hatter had a strong resemblance to Madonna, therefore made it a little more twisted 3.) The dress and costumes were magnificent. Straight out of Vogue magazine. It was overall good. I do recommend seeing it in 3D.

We then come home from the movie and it's 9:30 so the kids are in bed and asleep. That is the best about going out in the evening. Someone else puts your kids to bed. I take my babysitter home and when I walk in the door I hear, Aricka, Dexter is throwing up. FREAK!!! So I walk in and see Dexter standing in the kitchen with puke in his hair and all over his clothes. I am so thankful because I have not been able to smell for the past week. That would have definitely set off a barf-o-rama.

Dan tackled the bed and I tackled Dexter. After getting him cleaned up and dressed we put him in his sleeping bag with a bucket to throw up in. 10 minutes later Dexter comes up crying. He threw up again. He did great getting it into the bucket the first three times and then on the fourth time right into his sleeping bag. After that I was like, get this man a sheet and a new bucket pronto. To keep a better eye on him we put him in our room, on a sheet, with a bucket. I am not even kidding you,  from 10 at night to 6 in the morning Dexter threw up every 20 minutes. I was hanging over the bed trying to help him get his puke into his bucket. Around 2 I almost fell out of the bed until I felt this leg grab my leg and save me. Thank goodness for Dan who felt the jerk and knew I was about to go overboard. From 2 to 5 I was saved by Dan and his body from falling right on the floor onto Dexter and with my luck right into the puke bucket. There were a couple times were I felt Dan's whole body flop on top of mine. It was a quick jerk to the rescue of Dexter, to a, Oh my gosh I can't breath! I have to make a quick recovery from the black out I just had so puke doesn't get on the floor.

Finally at 7 in the morning Dexter stops puking every 20 minutes and adds a whopping 10 minutes to his time. So now, right now he is puking about every 30 minutes. How long will this last? Who knows. Will my other 3 children get it? Probably.


Layne T said...

He probably had what I had a few months back; food poisoning. I was on a schedule for about 24 hours straight, throwing up like clockwork. Then I just felt lousy for another 24 hours and then it all went away pretty quickly from there.

Aricka said...

I never thought of that. Weirdly enough I hope that it is food poisoning cause then that means its not contagious.

Matthew said...

that sucks you didn't enjoy alice in wonderland.