Think Before You Talk, if you can help it.

      Every once in awhile a little bit of my ghetto comes out. At one point in my life I was hard core gangsta. I was like 10, and I was sewwww tuff! Well this past Saturday I was lucky enough to go shred or fall down the Targhee mountain. Thanks to my nice brother and sister in law. I had a really fun time it was awesome hanging out with friends getting into an argument with a sheriff that pulled us over. The sheriff had Superman vision. He just happened to see that my tags were expired on my Escalade while we were going 65 miles an hour and he was parked on the side of the road. He wasn't even behind us moving when he spotted my oh so ever expired tags. This is how the conversation went,

Sheriff: Your tags are expired.
Me: No they're not (O yea, and I am not even driving)
Sheriff:( now with an amused smirk on his face) When I pull someone over I usually know what I am talking about. If you don't think I am right then you can get out and show me.
Me: (I get out of the car slowly but surly, walk over to the front of the vehicle and point real fast.) THERE!
Sheriff: They expired in the month of December.
Me: Oh, I am really sorry about that. ( and I am hoping for a run away vehicle to run me down at this point, no luck)
In the end the sheriff let us go and we were told to get that taken care of. It is now Weds and I still need to take care of it.
We finally get to Targhee and do a couple of runs/learn to snowboard, and I see someone from our ward. Dan  and I talk to her and her husband and son for awhile and then decide we were going to do one more run and then go into the lodge and have some hot chocolate with chips and salsa. Bad combo by the way, the salsa was a little hot and the hot chocolate didn't do a dang thing to help. So Dan and I are coming up on the lodge and I am exhausted somewhat frustrated that I am no Shawn White, YET! and this girl comes up behind me and just WHACKS! me with her body. It was very much on purpose. I was like what the crap, am I in a hockey game I didn't know about! My brain then shut off and my mouth opened, YOU LITTLE BITC!! I shouted that out at Targhee right by the lift. I shouted that infront of my brother in law, my neighbor, husband, the kid I used to teach in Sunday school, the guy from my ward and you guessed it! the girl that I called a little bitc!! was his wife who is in my ward that I just talked to. She thought it would be funny to check me. I don't know if she was ready for the verbal assault, but she got it anyways. I was so shocked and embarrassed that it was her. I just stood there and I thought I cannot believe that I just said that. It took me about 30 minutes to realize what had just happened and then I started to laugh and couldn't stop. Every other minute I would replay the car crash in my head and just start busting up laughing. Then a thought came to me. I have not really changed when it comes to my temper. I need to get a hold of my actions. Dan told me, "If you ever get into a fight, you better win!" I hope that I will never have to. I am so grateful that the person I called the bi was who it was. On the way home I said some doozeys. There was something like, "when I cry, people get hurt." or I think my wording was changed into that. I don't know, big shrug. All in all it was fun times and a lot of memories. I hope to go again soon and not verbally assault anyone or argue with a sheriff.


ashlynn said...

So who was it lady?

Aricka said...

HEHE it was Amy Rhodes!! Out of all the people in our ward I was lucky enough to be calling her the name.