Reunion Nightmares

So when it's 1 in the morning, what else better to do then to dread going to your 10 year high school reunion. Forget about sleep, or any chance of having a dream that didn't involve your high school reunion. Now that I have thought about it so long I am bound to have a nightmare about it. Just the typical, showing up naked or falling flat on your face when you walk in. Booger in the nose would suck too.I mean don't get me wrong I would love to see my old friends but how nerve racking! I haven 't talked to some of these people in 10 years. I was a total different Aricka when I hung out with them. Hopefully they like the "adult"aka boring compared to what I used to be Aricka. I need to take some kind of sleep aid and go to sleep or I am going to be a grouchy beast in the morning. One thing that is comforting, is knowing that Dan will be there with me.


Matthew said...

nope, he's coming with me, but don't worry. . . i'll take gooooood care of him.

Aricka said...

I am sure you will, but, he looks better with me.