Never Say Never!

When I was younger I used to think that I would be the complete opposite from my parents on disciplining. I am sadly falling into the dirty trap. When I was younger, and way more immature, I would say, "I am never giving my kids a bedtime, they can stay up as long as they want." "I am not going to make them eat healthy foods." "I will always let them have candy at any time of the day." Here is a famous one that I said all the time to my mom, "I will let my daughter wear make-up at any age." I have said these famous lines to my parents, "I hate you!!" "You have ruined my life!!" and now, as a parent, I am hearing those same lines, with some new ones added, "You are not invited to my party!!" Well who do you think is going to pay for your party you little shi! "I am going to not give you a hug!" Everyday my kids think of new ways to really put it to me. The weird thing is that after you get told I hate you a few times it doesn't bother you anymore. It's like, yaya go to your room. I sometimes have to remember to pick my battles with my chillins. I can be too hard on them sometimes. It really just depends on what the subject is. I have a hard time when my children are disrespectful to adults. I was taught, you listen to the adults and don't back talk them. Well these days you teach your children to listen to adults but if they ever tell you to take your clothes off you say No! and come tell me. Times have definitely changed. Nowadays you are preparing your kids for every horrible outcome out there in this dirty world. You only tell them these rules because you love them. You want them to eat healthy so they can grow up to be healthy kids and then adults. You tell your daughter she can't wear make-up for a number of reasons. First, she is way too young and beautiful to be worrying about that crap, 2nd you want her to grow into her own person without the world telling her how she should look and 3rd they really can't put it on that great at a young age so lets just avoid the circus.
  Splashing in the tub used to be one of my pet peeves. I hated when the floor got wet when my kids were in the tub. They would splash and I would yell! It took me 5 years to get over the splashing. Poor Zeke never got to enjoy the splashing at the Beck household because by the time I let it go, he started taking showers.
          Today I had a new opportunity to keep my cool. I was in my room making my bed and cleaning up. Kingston was asleep, Zeke and Zara were at school and Dexter was in the computer room watching Toy Story 2. I am done cleaning my room and decide to start another load of laundry so I start walking down stairs and hear all this commotion comimg from the computer room where Dexter is. I slow down on the stairs and now I am sneaking down rather than just walking normal. I can see into the room from the stairs and I see Dexter quickly hiding something. I don't know what it is yet but I just can't wait to see what I am going to be picking up! Orange peels! Dexter is pushing and shoving orange peels into Dan's recliner. The only chair Dan is comfortable sitting in, in the entire house now has a citrus aroma. I looked at Dexter like, what in the heck are you doing? He looked at me like he just got caught trying to grow an orange tree in the middle of our living room. I kept my cool and said, "go to your room and think about why you shouldn't shove orange peels in the couch." Five seconds later he was out of his room yelling at me for telling him to go to his room. Sometimes I will just sit and think, how will my kids be as adults. I teach them the correct principals and I let them govern themselves. Sometimes, I like Satan's plan. Make them do what you want!! On dates I would love to be there telling them everything they can and cannot do. I can teach them until I am blue in the face but if there is a lesson they need to learn then they are gonna learn it somehow. That is very scary to me. So right now being a mom of four to six and under, I will take splashing anytime and hiding any kind of fruit in the couch  over pregnancy, drugs, lying, stealing, drinking and sneaking around. I am going to enjoy all the small crap now and hope it lasts a long long time.

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