Get Rid of the Jealousy, it's ridiculous

    This post is coming out of the blue. I am not talking about anyone I know, I haven't been attacked by any jealous person. I am just getting something off my chest just because.

   People, stand back, take a look, and see why you are getting jealous of other people. It is nonsense. I was totally guilty of it at an earlier point in my life and then one day I stopped to really think about, (why?) Why, is the question you need to ask yourself when the green monster starts to flair. Yes, it's like gonorrhea, it sometimes flares up. There are times when I do wonder if I could be doing better in my life, but the person that is doing great in their life, doesn't deserve you bad mouthing them. I just want to give you some key points to think about before you start mentally destroying this other female, or male with your mind. It's not only a waste of your thoughts it chips away at your self esteem.

  Okay so here is one thing to consider. The person that you are jealous of has flaws. They have doubts and regrets and worries just like everyone else. And I know they might be better looking so when they are feeling insecure they are doing it in style, but really who cares.
  Check your insecurities at the door. No one is good at everything. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. If someone comes over and tells you blatantly that you suck. They are insecure, they are trying to take the attention off their ugly faces! Did I just sound insecure? All that really matters is that you have a family that loves you and you are a daughter or son of Heavenly Father.
Don't complain about your life, either do something to fix it and make it all better or just deal with it and spare people the Debbie Downer conversations.
    I have had a lot of smack in the faces, but this one has always stuck with me. Long ago I worked at Dillard's. I was newly pregnant with my first baby and I was severely sick. I now know that I had a disease when I was pregnant. I didn't know then. Well I was complaining to this lady at work about how sick I was and I couldn't handle it. I wasn't able to eat or drink anything and I was going on and on and on. When I stopped to change the string on my violin, she finally got two words in and said, "I would do anything to be able to have a baby, I can't have children. You are lucky you can even get pregnant." I did not know what to say. I felt horrible I was looking for a shovel so I could dig a hole. I never had to go through the pain of waiting for a child. So, before you complain make sure your stick is shorter then someone else stick... you know what I mean? So I know this post is reaching out to tons of woman, like three, maybe if some are bored. Ask yourself Why? First. Is it worth getting jealous or insecure about? Probably not. Look at your life and accomplishments and if you don't like what you see then CHANGE IT!

Oh, Oh, Oh and one more thing. Don't use the phrase, "They're just jealous of me." Let one of your nice friends say it for you in your behalf. You sound like a conceited person if you say, they are just jealous of me. You might be right but if every girl hates you it is probably something you are doing. Not everyone in the world is jealous of you. I know I have a big mouth sometimes and I come off judgmental,  I know it's not just jealousy, some people really don't like me. Anyways, all you ladies and fellas out there that think you are a victim of jealousy make sure you are just not being vain.


Matthew said...

I'm going to go ahead and counter your argument by saying that my self-esteem increases when i bad talk other people. I know, it's probably because i'm so smart, or handsome, but i don't know, maybe i'm just an outlier. HA!

Aricka said...

When I wrote this post, I was thinking Matt is totally exempt from these thoughts cause he is just one of a kind. It has to be your fireman techniques that make you one of a kind.