The Weanie Beanie

Photobucket Last night I went to my friends Winter Bizarre full of cute kid clothes, beanies, hair accessories, everything that parents like and only wish their kids liked so they could justify buying them clothing for Christmas instead of a toy that they are going to forget about in about a weeks time. Well my friend who was putting on the Bizarre gave me a beanie that was very cute in my opinion. Brown knit beanie with a huge orange flower on the side. It's not only cute but practical, it is so cold outside that it hurts and although my daughter has to only run across our yard to catch her bus and it seems that they are no longer having recess due to this arctic chill, I still feel like her head needs to be warm for that small amount of time. My daughter and I go round and round every morning about what she is going to wear and how her hair will be done. Well she yelled, kicked, screamed and freaked out about wearing this beanie. She said, "It looks so stupid, I don't wanna wear a weanie on my head!" Yes... she said weanie. I was like, what? You mean beanie. She got a huge grin on her face and started laughing. I was laughing as well, sorry if that makes me not a very good example and I didn't feel the need to have the "birds and the bees talk" just then. She was just so overly frustrated that I think she was thinking, My mom is a weanie!! and then it accidentally left her head and came out her sweet five year old mouth. Totally innocent and funny. I did however manage to get a cute picture of her with this weanie beanie on.

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