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Here is the introduction to this conversation. I am drinking a gigantic fountain Coke that Dan brought home for me. I haven't been keeping Coke in the house because I have been trying to not drink it. I might as well have installed a Coke vending machine. It was like as soon as I said, I am going to stop drinking Coke I became an addict. Well Dexter sees that I am just sucking away at this Big Gulp. He is just staring at me while playing with his tiny monkey friend, "George" and here is how our conversation went, between the three of us.
Dex: Mom can I have a drink of your pop.
Me: No Dex, I have a soar throat and I don't want you to get it. (that's true)
Dex: Please mom can I please have a drink.
Me: No
Dex: Pleeeaaaseeee
Me: No
Dex: Just one little drink.
Me: No and don't ask again.
Dex: Mom George needs a drink really bad.
Me: George will be fine.
(Now the conversation is between Dexter and George)
George: Your mom is stupid
Dexter: No she's not don't call my mom stupid
George: Well she won't let us have a drink I am being mean now.
Dexter: No don't be mean I will tell her your going to be mean now. Mom George is being mean now.
Me: That's okay he will get over it.

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Laura said...

Dexter is a cool dude!!! That was a cute story ;)