Just some venting!

Most of you probably don't know, but I have braces. I am 27 years old and I got braces put on when I was barely 25 years old. I was told in the beginning of the ortho adventure that I would have these suckers off in 18 months. I mentally prepared myself for having metal in my mouth for that long. Going through anniversaries, Christmas parties, pictures and the dreaded high school reunion for my husband. It is hard to look good when your face is screaming, "look at me, I look like I am 12!! and I even have a little bit of acne!" Yet, I went to his reunion and every other activity with a smile on my face. My friends are nice and say, "you look good with braces, I forget you have them on." I know they are lying. It's a nice lie, but I know they're lying. I got my braces on May 5th, the big Cinco De Mayo. I have been counting down since that day. Every once in awhile I will ask my ortho, "when do you think they will come off?" I have had a number of answers. First he told me I will have them off you by your 7 year anniversary, which was Sept 12th of 2009 and when that day passed I asked again, his response, "I will make it a Christmas present to you from me." I was pretty excited about that even one of his assistants said, "I bet after this next visit he will say we can take them off this next time you come in." Well I had a appt today and I was thinking that I had a good chance of getting them off on the 23rd of December. Right before Christmas. No. That is not the case, I have another appt on January 11th to have more detailing done!!! I don't even get to see the ortho for the rest of this month!! I am taking these braces into the next year!! 2010 Holy crap whatever happened to 18 months. I have absolutely no clue when I am getting my braces off. The ortho said since I am old my teeth move slower. My teeth are like 90 years old with how slow they are moving. My husband about a month ago said, "I don't think you will get your braces off in December, I bet it will be January 15th." Whelp, he's wrong too! I would have even taken that date. All I can say is that when and if they ever come off I  better have the straightest teeth I have ever seen!


Adam&Rachel said...

It's no lie, If someone could look good in braces it's you :) They do make you look young, but not 12... c'mon ;)
I hope they come off soon for ya. I can only imagine how frustrated I would be too! Merry Christmas!

Aricka said...

Thank you Rachel. I know I am being very Scarlett O'Hara right now. I have my days when they are okay and then other days I can't even believe that I got them. Soon It will be a thing of the past. You guys have a very Merry Christmas too!