Hang in there with me.

So, I know my postings are a little sloppy some are too small and you can't see detail. I write like I'm 5. I only say five because my 6 year old writes better then me. Well just to ease your mind a little, I am getting the hang of this. I have been reading a lot of blogs and looking at how they are displaying their posts. It looks neat and clean. I am a clutter junkie. I see too many things that I would buy, I need to just pick my favorites. So I promise this blog will only get better cause really, it couldn't get any worse. The only thing that I am stoked about is my header and background, and I didn't even do it. If there is any style or trend that you want me to post about let me know. I know I have like 9 people that come onto this blog but that's okay I am still having fun!!

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