For The Baby Daddy

Don't forget about your baby daddy. I have a really hard time finding gifts for my husband. He wants canvas tents that are thousands of dollars or guns that are hundreds of dollars. I think men like cool practical things and what could be more practical then a magnetic wristband to hold screws and nails, right! It is almost like that wristband that holds tape so you can easily wrap your presents! What a clever idea (there is only a little sarcasm to that remark, I really do think it's clever.) The VoLcOm sweater and coat are a given. They are just cool. My husband is a very neat and organized man so the carrying case would be something that he would use and appreciate. He could use it when we go on our many, many trips.


Matthew said...

i could think of an exponential number of things that are more practical than a magnetic wristband. one that comes to mind is no wristband at all. it's practical because you won't get beat up for wearing a lame magnetic wristband. I think it's safe to say that if you get your husband (mark, or dan, whichever one you're married too. i can never remember) a magnetic wristband, he'll pretend to be happy.. . . . . no, he probably won't even do that. He might tell you that you've ruined christmas. don't do it. the jackets look nice, though.

Aricka said...

Haha you are very funny! It's Dan by the way.