Me: Dexter, can you go and put these clothes in your room?
Dex: No.
Mom: Pleeeeessse Dexter just listen to me.
Dex: Next time, I will listen to you.
Me: So, this time you're not going to listen to me.
Dex: No. Not this time.

Another day...
Dex: Mom, guess what I learned?
Me: What?
Dex: That poop is brown.

Many moons ago...
Dexter: Mom will you come tickle my back.
Me: Yes. ( I tickle his back and start to nuzzle on him and squeeze him. He is like a little animal so it's hard not to.)
Dexter: (Looks at me with disgust) You can get out now.

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mckenzie Bowen said...

BaaaaaHaaaa!!!! I can't stop laughingJ!!!!! He is so funny! Thanks for making my day!