Sickness is definitely everywhere nowadays and medicine is just flying off the shelves for soar throats, running noses, coughs ect. Well I am sick of pumping my kids full of over the counter meds when God provided natural remedies to help everything you could have an irritation with. This sick year I have been using the oil Thieves. You can drink it, put it in your hands and smell it, put it on your throat and feet put it in a oil diffuser and it kills 99.5% of bacteria in your house. It works miracles! Thieves used  thieves back in the day  to rob people who were sick or dying of the plague.(hence the name thieves) They would put it on themselves and avoid catching whatever disease their victim had. Plus!!You can brush your teeth with it and avoid cavaties. Just know that it does burn a little, which to me only means, its working! So Go on and rob your sick friends!

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