If you want to Glitter, then here you go!

Glitter. Shimmer. Sparkle. Glitz. So many names, so many ways to wear it. To help make sense of it all, we've identified our favorite tactics and tricks for creating looks both demure to daring. Follow our expert advice and you'll sparkle with success from head to twinkling toe. After all, everyone was born to shine.

Eyes are the most versatile canvas for sporting sparkle, thanks to liners, shadows, and add-ons that can stand alone for subtlety or be layered for drama. Keep these pro pointers in mind when adding spark to your stare.
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Iridescent shadows make the most impact when concentrated on the ball of the lid, along the brow bone, or in the inner corners of the eye.

-Apply glitter to a creamy base—like concealer, foundation, or a cream eye shadow—then use a piece of scotch tape pick up stray flecks.

-Adhere crystals to the upper lash lines or the corners of the eye with eyelash glue.

-When using shimmery or flecked eyeshadows, always apply a primer first. This will keep the oil on your lids from dulling the sparkle.

-Choose your eyeliner formula depending on the wattage you want: Gels and liquids are more concentrated with sparkle while pencils have a more colorful base.

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A more adventurous way to adorn your eyes is adding flicker to your flutter. While there are pre-spangled lash sets available, you can also try these tricks.
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-Spray false lashes with hair spray and then dip them into a superfine glitter, avoiding the base of the false lashes. (Be sure to let them dry and shake off the excess before applying.) For a toned-down version, spray them with a glitter-flecked hair mist.

-Top the tips of your natural lashes with a glittery gel eyeliner for an understated, yet alluring, look.

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Creating dazzling smile can be as simple as a swipe of sparkly gloss. For more ways to add a kiss of sparkle to your lips, try these tips.
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-Sparkly lipsticks are best reserved for nighttime when looks are more dramatic and reflections are more noticeable.

-For full-fledged glitter lips, press the glitter over tacky lips, and let everything set. Do not press or mash lips together.

-Mix shimmer into your favorite gloss or pat it into the center of your lower lip to make your pout appear plumper.

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Sparkling nail polishes are especially popular this season. They're festive, flashy, and fun to experiment with. Optimize your fingertip flare with these expert suggestions.
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-Apply crystals while nails are tacky and cover them with a clear topcoat.

-To sparkle-ize your favorite polish, funnel a teaspoon of fine glitter into the bottle and shake well.

-If you want to manually apply glitter to your nails, add a coat of clear polish over the base coat. This additional layer keeps nails smooth and helps hold glitter in place. After you apply the glitter, seal it in with a thick topcoat.

-Use cotton swabs to remove glittery nail polish. Their fibers are good for picking up and removing the tiny flecks.

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To add a hint of glint to your locks, use glitter sprays or ultra-fine milled sparkles. Use these tips to maximize the wear.

-Separate styled hair in to three tiers and mist each section with glitter spray to ensure your mane maintains its sheen.

-For homemade glitter spray, sprinkle a fine-toothed comb or synthetic kabuki with sparkle. Then mist dry hair with hairspray and run the comb or brush over the hair from root to tip.

-Go strapless if you're going to wear hair glitter. As the night progresses, you'll see that some sparkles shake off, glistening up your shoulders, back, and décolletage.

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Adding luster to limbs enhances skin radiance and tone. When strategically applied, it also indirectly draws attention to features you like to flaunt. Maximize these benefits by following the following tips.
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-Mix a neutral shade of loose-powder sparkle into your favorite body lotion for an all-over sheen.

-When wearing a shimmery lotion, wear clothing colors that will camouflage any runaway sparkle. This will help preserve the idea of a natural glow.

-Luminescent lotions or powders should be concentrated on the collarbone, shoulder blades, and along the sides of the arms and front of the legs.

-Dust loose sparkle on shoulders and across the collarbone to draw attention up to your face.

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